Chapter: 5370

But my sister has been looking forward to this opportunity for a long time. She will start filming after graduation this summer, and she just wanted to find an opportunity to exercise first.

I think you should understand, right? "

Ning Yue began to admire Jiang Lingyi's face.

She can still say these words in front of her face without changing her face, and she can also set up her own person as a gentle and intellectual independent woman.

But isn't her behavior another form of workplace bullying?

What's the difference between this and the old employees of the company who bullied the interns in order to squeeze their relatives in?

To say so grandly?

Ning Yue twitched the corners of her mouth, and glanced at Sun Haoyang, who was embarrassed and dignified.

She believes that Sun Haoyang is unwilling, but the two of them will have to spend several months of filming together in the crew. If they tear their faces, it will not be good for the entire crew.

Naturally, Ning Yue would not make Sun Haoyang so difficult.

If you want to piss people off, let her do it!

"I understand."

Ning Yue smiled.

"But I don't accept it. I'm afraid Ms. Jiang has done things like harming others and benefiting herself, right?

I really don't hang out in the circle, but I also know what it means to come first, first served, and what it means to save face.

Ms. Jiang can bully a little shrimp like me who doesn't even have a name by relying on her status in the circle. Why don't you think about it? I don't hang out in the circle, so I'm not afraid of offending you! "

Ning Yue smiled unscrupulously, brightly, generously, with a lively flow between her brows and eyes, with a hint of coldness.

Jiang Lingyi's breathing was slightly suffocated, and the smile on the corner of his mouth froze.

She took a step forward, smiling politely

"Miss Ning, I'm not discussing with you, and I don't want to ask for your opinion. You don't have the final say on this crew. I greet Teacher Sun to save face for Teacher Sun, not for you.

In fact, this matter is very simple, the director has agreed.

As for Miss Ning, you can leave now. "

After she finished speaking, she curled her lips into a sneer, turned sideways and walked away from Ning Yue.

Sun Haoyang's eyelashes drooped slightly, and his pupils sank a little.

He took a deep breath and stood up immediately

"Ning Yue, don't worry, I won't let anyone take this opportunity away, not for anything else, the most suitable person for this role is you, I'll go find the director right away."

Ning Yue stopped him, with a smile on her face

"Actor Sun, there is no need for this. The role is indeed irrelevant, but even the director nodded in agreement, so there is no need to argue anymore. You and Ms. Jiang still have to cooperate in acting. It is not good to make the relationship too tense. "

It's not worth the trouble for a cameo role.

"What's more, I scolded everything I should have scolded just now, and it's not considered swallowing my anger. Didn't her face turn green? I'm not at a disadvantage, so let's do it. After all, I still have my own business to run, so there's no need Waste your energy here." Angela's Library