Chapter: 5371

Sun Haoyang frowned slightly, "But this matter has indeed wronged you. If you can tell it a day in advance, it won't make your trip in vain."

Ning Yue twitched the corners of her mouth, and said coolly

"This is Ms. Jiang's brilliance!"

It's just to make people go for nothing.

Just to make people happy.

This woman, despite her age, is still such a green tea, so it can be seen that when she was young, she was not a good thing!

No wonder it was tepid when I was young, not as hot as it is now!

Netizens will not eat for a lifetime if they pay for nostalgia.

The two smiled helplessly.

It's not that Sun Haoyang doesn't understand the little tricks between actresses, he never intervenes, but this time it really made him sick.

"Sorry, Ning Yue, it's my fault this time."

"Don't say that, Sun Yingdi, it's my honor that you can think of me!"

As Ning Yue said, his assistant trotted over

"Ms. Sun, the makeup artist is here..."

Ning Yue paused, "Then I'll go first."

Sun Haoyang nodded, "I'll treat you to dinner later."

"Don't go back on your word!"

Ning Yue smiled happily, waved her hand and turned to leave.

Sun Haoyang's assistant caught up after a while, hesitant to speak

"Miss Ning, you know everything, right?"

Ning Yue's eyes flickered slightly, and she immediately realized that this little assistant might have known about this for a long time.

Even earlier than Sun Haoyang knew.

Ning Yue tilted her head and tilted her head

"So you already knew?"

The assistant blushed and lowered her head

"I accidentally heard it some time ago, but I actually heard from Jiang Lingyi's little assistant that she has been eyeing your role for a long time.

Even though it's just one play, it's pretty good.

But before I had time to say it, Teacher Sun said it in advance, and it was replaced by you.

Today, Jiang Ling brought her younger sister, and went to the director and said that she wanted your cameo role.

What the director meant was not to make Actor Sun unhappy, other things... she could decide on her own. " Angela's Library