Chapter: 1084

Theor sat his little sister on his lap and hugged her. Estella said it tickled and laughed.

“Why is my father angry? Estella doesn’t like Sig that much.”

Estella was humming and still making a flower necklace by herself.

“Estella likes me more than Sig,” Theor said triumphantly, hugging his little sister.

The princess tied the flower necklace that she was making with her little hands. She then put it on Theor’s head.

“Yeah, I like Theor Oppa!”

“Woof woof!”

The princess who saw Blynn gave a low bark and wagged his tail then got up from her seat and took the small flower necklace she had made with the maids and put it around Blynn’s neck as well.

“I like Blynn too!”

Blynn quickly waggled his tail and licked Estella’s cheek. Estella smiled and put her arms around Blinn’s neck.

It’s clear that Estella’s words ‘like’ has no special meaning.

While the princess was playing with Blynn, Theor approached his mother.

Theor was soft and warm in her arms as ever.

Theor’s small body still exuded a warm and familiar scent that didn’t change with the passage of time.

Theor, now grown up, is only being cute in front of Astelle and the Marquis.

One day that will go away too.

It is a joy to see her son grow up in a dignified way, but on the other hand, it is also sad that he grows up so quickly.

“Cheer up, mother.” Theor comforted Astelle.

“Thank you. But you don’t have to worry about our problems.”

Astelle was distraught because she seemed to have made her son worry for no reason.

However, Theor smiled and hugged Astelle by the neck dearly.

“Don’t worry too much, mother. As usual, Father will apologize first.”


Astelle stiffened at her young son’s words.

Theor left to study again after that, but Astelle began to regret her own actions after hearing his words. Angela's Library