Chapter: 1085

‘Did I say it too coldly?’

Kaizen hasn’t been in a good mood since yesterday.

The contract is the problem.

‘I thought I got rid of it a long time ago.’

It seems that she was too distracted while dealing with the poisoning case and treason.

The contract that she thought was destroyed was still there.

In fact, she didn’t tell anyone, but she also had a copy of the contract just in case.

Maybe it was a copy she thought she had thrown away.

Either way, it was Astelle’s fault for letting Kaizen discover it.

And Theor’s words made Astelle look back on the past.

‘Certainly…… he was always the first to apologize.’

Ever since they rekindled their affection, their relationship has always been the same.

Kaizen always did something for her, gave her something, apologized to her first, and begged for forgiveness first.

In the early days of their remarriage, Kaizen used to get angry first and act hastily before apologizing.

Astelle suddenly wondered if she was treating him too coldly.

Of course, what happened to Sig was definitely Kaizen’s overreaction, but the contract was something he deserved to be upset about.

She remembered Kaizen’s statement that she always only criticized him.

Obviously, Astelle is mostly critical of what he does.

Though she doesn’t always happily accept lavish gifts or construct lavish buildings, Kaizen does such things just for Astelle.

I should have treated him better……

‘Should I apologize first this time?’

How do I apologize?

She then met someone to discuss the matter with.

Her grandfather replied nonchalantly after listening roughly to the situation. “Well, you can just say sorry. Even if you say just one word, the emperor will be very moved.”

Astelle fell silent. Angela's Library