Chapter: 1086

It seems she has always been overly cold to Kaizen enough to impress him with only a light apology.

The little princess who came with Astelle toddled, holding a long flower necklace.

The princess raised her hands high and hung the flower necklace to the Marquis.

Estella had made the necklace so long that she had to wrap it two or three times.

“I like Grandpa the most!”

The Marquis hugged the little princess preciously.

Astelle was relieved that Kaizen didn’t see this.

Still hugging Estella affectionately, he said, “Just prepare something and give it to him. The emperor will be happy if you give him the sandwich you made.”


Astelle recalled her memories of making and eating food with Kaizen in the eastern countryside.

It was a pleasant memory for the three of them.

At that time, Kaizen said he would eat everything Astelle made for him.

‘It’s food?’

Her grandfather seemed to say that without thinking much, but Astelle liked the idea.

In fact, she never gave Kaizen any gifts.

Kaizen is the Emperor of the Empire and has everything he needs.

Even if Astelle spends money to buy gifts for him, he will always be able to get something better than she gives.

Considering such circumstances, it certainly seems a good idea to make something herself.

Astelle actually has a lot of experience in making food. She could make simple menus skillfully at any time.

“Hannah, I’m going to use the kitchen for a moment.”

After the kitchen was ready, Astelle immediately went there to prepare some simple food.

‘It’s soon time for dinner.’

She decided to make some simple desserts; fruit tarts, simple cookies, and wine-poached pears.

Thankfully, the important ingredients were prepared in advance.

She was able to save time because there were leftovers of stewed fruit, jam, and tarts. Angela's Library