Chapter: 1087

The tray is now filled with the cute desserts she made; sweet strawberry tarts with golden syrup, buttery cookies, and sweet and sour pickled pears soaked in sweet fruit juice.

There is also a fragrant wine that goes well with dessert.

“It must have been hard to make all of this…… If you had told me in advance, I would have helped,” said Hannah quietly, putting Astelle’s finished dessert into a plate.

“No. I wanted to do this myself.”


Hannah looked a bit dissatisfied, but she didn’t bother speaking ill of Kaizen.

After dinner with her children, Astelle set dessert on the table in her bedroom.

Cute desserts were prepared on pretty plates, and wine glasses and small vases with fragrant flowers were also prepared.

She waited, but Kaizen did not come.

It’s already midnight.

‘Is he not coming?’

Normally, he would send an attendant in advance if he couldn’t make it.

Astelle was starting to lose patience and tried to contact the Emperor Palace.

But at that time…

“Your Majesty, His Majesty the Emperor—”

Hannah opened the door and announced the arrival of Kaizen. She could see Kaizen behind her.


“Your Majesty.”

After waiting for him for a long time, Astelle got up from her seat with a happy face.

However, Kaizen came inside with a stiff expression.

Hannah glanced at his back and, with a calm look, bowed her head and hastily closed the door.

He didn’t express it directly, but it seemed that he didn’t like the current situation very much.

Kaizen walked towards Astelle. Only then did Astelle find a small paper box in his hand.

“I’m sorry about what happened this afternoon. I shouldn’t be angry.”

“Yes?” Angela's Library