Chapter: 1088

Kaizen sighed deeply. “I’ll apologize to the Duchess and Sig later.”

This afternoon, he got so angry and just walked away.

He seems to have changed his mind in the meantime and regretted his own actions.

‘He apologizes first this time too.’

Astelle said with a bitter smile, “I have burned the contract.”

Kaizen just stared at her quietly.

“You were mad by that, weren’t you? I’m sorry. I should have gotten rid of it long ago.”


Kaizen thought back to when the two of them signed the contract.

Back then, Astelle deserved to ask for such a contract. Because he himself forced her to marry him under the pretense of Theor’s safety.

Thinking back then, he should be grateful that Astelle chose to stay by his side until now.

Astelle’s gaze turned to the table.

Kaizen was surprised to see various kinds of desserts and wine glasses on the table.

“You were drinking?”

“No, I was waiting for Your Majesty.”

Astelle slightly avoided his gaze. She felt her ears burning a little.

“It’s not great, but I made it all myself. I was going to give it to you when you come.”

Kaizen looked at the desserts on the table in surprise.

“You made all of this?”




Astelle frowned slightly at his stupid question.

“Why do you think so?”

Kaizen realized that she had made this effort to resolve what happened during the day. Angela's Library