Chapter: 1089

“Thank you. I should have come earlier.”

A look of regret crossed Kaizen’s face.

Hearing his answer, Astelle wondered if he had anything important to do before coming here.

Then he held out the small box he was holding in his hand.

“What is this?”

“……I made this for you,” he answered in a tone of insecurity.

Astelle took the box curiously and quickly opened it.

Astelle expected something like jewels or trinkets in the box. But what’s in the box is something completely unexpected.

“Is this…… paper?” asked Astelle as she looked at a glass jar in the box.

There are small, colorful flowers in a glass jar about the size of an ordinary vase. It contains small flowers made of shiny paper.

At least dozens of fingernail-sized flowers filled the glass jar.

Astelle had seen something like this before.

When she was young, she saw her friends make paper birds or stars and put them in glass jars to give to their loved ones several times.

Astelle also wanted to make one but gave up because she didn’t think Kaizen would like it.

But now Kaizen appears in front of her with a glass jar full of paper flowers.

“You made this yourself?” Astelle asked again with a look of disbelief.

“……I did.”

Kaizen shyly avoided her gaze. It was because he felt his ears turn red the moment he met Astelle’s eyes.

When he decided to make Astelle’s gift himself, Fritz asked him a question.

“What do you want to make?”

Kaizen suddenly thought of Estella and Sig, who were making flower necklaces.

At the time, in addition to Estella’s cuteness, he only felt jealousy towards Sig, but when he came to his senses, his heart was drawn to that scene.

To be precise, as he reflected on his past, his thoughts naturally led to the cute looks of the children.

The past. For Kaizen, the past has always been a heavy and painful fetter.

Astelle and he grew up together, but they never had such friendly and sweet memories. Angela's Library