Chapter: 1090

Astelle always wanted to play with him in the garden or in the greenhouse, but Kaizen refused her request every time, saying he hated childish games.

“I want to make something that looks like a flower,” he said, brooding over bitter regrets.


“Yes, women like flowers, don’t they?”

For some reason, Kaizen felt uncomfortable, so he spoke as calmly as possible.

On the one hand, he was also worried.

How do you make a flower?

He had never made a necklace out of flowers in the garden.

However, he couldn’t just go to the garden and make a flower necklace.

Isn’t it a really strange scene that the emperor made a flower necklace with his brother-in-law, the duke, in the garden of the imperial palace?

And a necklace made of flowers will wither in a day.

Seeing Kaizen frown, Fritz thought for a moment before he said, “Hmm…… I’ve seen ladies make flowers with white powder before.”

What he said was a very difficult craft; mixing powdered talc with rosewater, shaping it into flower shapes, and coloring it with red lotus powder.

That way, a beautiful flower with a strong fragrance is completed.

Kaizen had never done such a difficult handicraft. No, he had never made anything with his own hand.

Although he had no experience, he was confident.

‘I think I can do that much.’

He ordered his aide to procure ingredients including the white powder Fritz talked about.

The aide rushed over the ingredients with a questioning face.

But Kaizen was surprisingly bad at making shapes out of dough.

Contrary to expectations, it was incredibly difficult to make flowers from soft powder dough.

Even if he managed to knead the dough to make petals, as he glued them one by one, he accidentally applied too much force and caused the petals to collapse in an instant.

Even after miraculously managing to glue a few petals together, he ended up gluing them to the stem and destroying one of the corners.

Kaizen knew for the first time that making something out of dough was a difficult task.

How did Estella and Theor always make animals and flowers out of clay? Angela's Library