Chapter: 1091

After crushing the petals dozens of times, Kaizen eventually gave up. It took him three hours to give up.

At this point, Fritz also looked tired.

“Your Majesty, I’m sorry, but I have to go to the Ministry of Home Affairs office, so—”

“No, you can’t.”

Kaizen replied with gritting teeth while crushing the 52nd petal.

He realized that Fritz had made this suggestion to play a trick on him.

But he doesn’t have much time.

Kaizen wanted to complete this ‘heartfelt gift’ no matter what.

And in order to make another gift in the remaining time, Fritz is clearly needed.

“I can’t do this. Any other ideas?”

Kaizen threw out the dough and asked him for an alternative.

Fritz sighed and, as he was running out of time, suggested making flowers out of paper.

“If you fold paper into a flower shape and put it in a glass jar…….”

He said he saw his friends giving such gifts during his teenage years. Fritz said it hesitantly, but Kaizen liked the idea.

He put away the dough and took some colorful paper and started trying to fold it into a flower shape.

Folding paper into flower shapes is incredibly difficult, but still better than dough. At least the petals don’t get crushed in an instant if you touch the wrong corner.

Kaizen only learned how to make it after many failures. And so far, he has managed to make some paper flowers.

It was hectic because he had to deal with urgent work in between.

Kaizen managed to complete the flowers by enlisting the help of Fritz and Lannis.

Fritz had a look of regret, and Lanis looked like he couldn’t understand why he was doing this, but the two of them exemplary cut the paper without objection

Sitting between them, Kaizen folded the papers with great concentration.


Upon hearing his story, Astelle immediately laughed out loud while clutching her stomach.

“Don’t laugh,” said Kaizen, feeling ridiculed.

Perhaps Fritz had also laughed for a long time as he talked about this with his grandfather, the Marquis of Carlenberg. Angela's Library