How to Hide the Emperor’s Child

"Did you ever love me?" Astelle's marriage to Kaizen, which she had longed for since she was ten, ended abruptly. Despite her efforts to become his wife, all that remained for her was the stigma of being an empress. She was deserted by the royalty and Kaizen, the man she loved, asked her to leave. "You're right, I never loved you," Astelle lied for the last time. Although the man was the purpose of her life, it was also for the sake of the man she was married to for only one day. She believed there would be no further contact with him, but six years later, when Astelle reunited with Kaizen, she lied once more. "I think...I might be pregnant?" "Whose child is that?" Kaizen asked. "He's my nephew," Astelle replied, to protect the child.

Alternate Title: The Hidden Heir