My Necromancer Class

Living in a small village on the outskirts of a magical world, Jay was no more than a butcher. In this world, when humans came of age, they received their class from a mana conduit and embarked on their lives as adventurers. As he checked his class one day, he was stunned to see [Necromancer Level 1]. Jay was terrified to be in possession of a monster class, one of the most powerful ones at that. The thought of being hunted down and killed on sight was enough to send shivers down his spine. Being a threat not only to the nobles' authority but also to all living beings, Jay realized that he had no other option but to become stronger by developing his necrotic powers, ultimately making himself untouchable. Surviving in a hostile world required plotting, secrecy, and sometimes sheer carnage. Despite all the odds and misfortunes stacked against him, Jay was determined to rise and bend the world to his will, as he struggled to stay alive. Join him on his journey as he defies the world that wants him dead.